It’s been almost 7 years since I have passed out of my school ( St.Thomas Residential School ) .Presently working as a digital marketing trainer, I often receive queries from marketers as to how to promote their businesses online to engage more traffic.I happily suggest the tools and techniques that I know to the best of my knowledge, after consulting with them and determining what kind of business they are engaged in, whether it be a B2B, B2C or C2B.And seldom do I get chance to blog nowadays that I unwantedly get too indulged seeking ways to scale up in my career.

Couple of weeks back, while reposing in my recliner, thinking about all the strategies I have mastered (or am trying to master) in my field, I felt so overwhelmed that I decided to take a break from such career related thoughts and reminisce about those wonderful school days that would give a warmth of nostalgia and sugar coated happiness, amidst the envelope of targets, goals, deadlines, seminars, webinars and those endless lists of forced priorities.

Even while going through an online school magazine article written by an ex-teacher of St.Thomas Residential School, who has taught me too, I was feeling like those days are still lingering around in disguise.So happy was I when I trained a then 12th grade school kid of St.Thomas Residential School, a couple of months back, that I spent a good part of our breaktime, collecting news about the latest progresses in our school.It was then that a strange thought struck my mind.Though I was no more one among them wearing the school uniform, or that guy who often bunked classes to play basketball with the high school boys, I recognised that I could still serve my school from within my domain.While being busy promoting others’ websites online, never have I been fortunate enough to come across the idea of promoting my school’s website, until one day I saw a high school ad popped up aside a website I was surfing on.

Eventually , I was caught in the tides of busy schedules and month end goals again and I had to keep those initiatives for later.But I had marked it so deep inside my mind that I was seeking an opportunity to put it into practice as early as possible.Today, since I finished my task early, I decided to call it a day and returned back by noon.After taking a nap straight away, I got up, took a warm shower, wore my pyjamas, and now here I am at my workstation, but this time to do something that I was wanting to start for the last few weeks. I decided to start off with a blog that recollects the special moments, which me as a former student of St.Thomas School would love to cherish.And I hereby start my proceedings with your support hopefully.In the following series, I will be posting some incidents I had to face during my school days, which might touch some of your similar experiences too.I would surely like to hear your suggestions so please do make them heard by putting them in the comment section below.Welcome to my blog.